Yet Another Mon. Co. Administrative Position in an Already Top-heavy Central Office

The AFT continues to be the watchdogs of Monongalia County. We were amazed to learn while attending the January 25th county board meeting, that yet another county administrative position has been created and was approved for posting. That posting is available and on line at the time this is being written. As you will see in the sample of the letter that was sent to the Superintendent and the Board our opinion of yet another bale of hay on this camel’s back. It is our finding that Monongalia County is among the most top heavy education systems in the state. 

AFT Mon. Address BOE Decision to Place Basic Skills Teachers in Art, Music, and Phys Ed Positions

In 2006 the people of Monongalia County recognized the need for funding our schools, over and above what the state requires. They stepped up to the plate for our students and we thank them for approving the excess levy. Unfortunately, county administrators are not living up to their end of the bargain.

            A loophole in state law, allows local school systems to assign basic skills teachers to areas in the fine arts, over someone who has specialized in art, music or physical education, or another particular field.